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Celtics lawyer gets his ban quashed

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The whole disciplinary thing in scottish football is pathetic and this sort of thing only makes it worse


Personally they may as well scrap it and allow players and officials say and do what they like.


I dont recall what strachan was like as a player but he really is a moaning little ***k as a manager and this sort of caper will only make him worse since he now knows he can get away with anything.


Just out of interest

when was the last time that

A) a dons manager was given a touchline ban and then appealed it

B) a dons player appealed a red card


I cant recall either happening in the time ive followed football. Seems we just accept the punishment and get on with it instead of using the clubs laywers (do we even have a lawyer?)


PS - I know i ***ked up the thread title

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Guest TenementFunster

Canny mind a manager getting sent to the stand.


But yeah, I agree wholeheartedly wi your sentiment. He DESERVED to be banned fae the dugout.

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Guest TenementFunster
Really is a pishy system. I see Stevie Frail will be in the dugout on Sunday after appealing his ban, and there was also Laryea Kingston who played 7 or so games before the SFA appeals committee told Hearts to piss off...


Aye but they sugar coated the "piss off" by reducing the cunts ban. The SFA are utter sh*te bags and that situation will be made worse by the appointment of "Silver Goal" Smith.

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The FA here appeals etc the following week

I know we are little slow and backward up here but you'd think these things could atleast be sorted in the same month as the offence was committed.


I couldnae gie a ***k if he won his appeal or not, it's more the fact that it took what feels like half a year to get the bloody thing heard in the first place.

I presume he is still waiting on his appeal for his wee outburst at Pittodrie

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