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Lazio fan shot

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The Atalanta-Milan game has been suspended after seven minutes of action due to fan violence.






The signs were ominous ever since news filtered through that a Lazio fan had been killed by the police. The Inter-Lazio game was immediately called off, but other games went ahead with a 15 minute delay.


While most games began without too much trouble, the Atalanta fans were not in a mood to take it lying down.


The ultras decided to express their displeasure by trying to break through the glass barriers between the stands and the pitch, just behind the Atalanta goal.


Objects were also thrown on the pitch, and at the police, and after just seven minutes, the referee had to halt the proceedings due to concerns over the safety of the players.


There were discussion all around, and after ten more minutes of uncertainty, the players headed down the tunnel.


There were attempts to calm the fans down, attempts that did succeed to an extent, but the players as much as the referee decided that it was best not to play under this cloud of uncertainty.

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Apparantly it was a policeman who shot the fan.


BBC reporting it was the police who shot him. What makes it worse is that it would appear he was in his car at the time.


A football fan has been shot dead by police during a fight between rival supporters in Italy, officials say.


Local authorities said there had been a "tragic error" when police intervened to quell violence between fans of Roman team Lazio and Turin-based Juventus.


The victim, a Lazio fan, was shot during the clash at a motorway rest stop near the Tuscan city of Arezzo.


The Lazio fans were travelling to a match against Inter Milan, which has been postponed following the death.


Other games started 10 minutes late with players and officials wearing black armbands.


The Juventus fans were reportedly on their way from Naples to an away match against Parma.


"It was a tragic error," said Arezzo police chief Vincenzo Giacobbe.


"Our agent had intervened to prevent the brawl between these two groups, who had not been identified as fans," Mr Giacobbe said, according to the Italian news agency Ansa.


The victim was identified as Gabriele Sandri, a 26-year-old disc jockey from Rome.


He was apparently shot while in a car outside the motorway restaurant.


Earlier reports said the fan had been killed during the brawl. An investigation is under way.


News of the death prompted anger among Italian fans.


In Bergamo, where Atalanta were playing AC Milan, police and fans clashed ahead of the match.


The game was abandoned 10 minutes after kick-off, when fans tried to smash down a barrier and force their way onto the pitch.


Sunday's late match between AS Roma and Cagliari in Rome was also postponed.


In April the Italian government introduced a law aimed at stamping out football hooliganism.


It was enacted after a policeman was killed in rioting at a match in Sicily in February.

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Rome Rioting, Police Plead Not Guilty Against Murder


The situation is fluid in Italy, and particularly in Rome, in the face of Lazio fan Gabriele Sandri being killed by the police.



Sardini was shot in the back of the neck by a police officer - who was 'supposed' to be firing in the air to disperse a mob in Arezzo - and football fans have since been raging against the law enforcers.


The city of Rome is experiencing the worst of the crisis, with Lazio and Roma fans both coming together and expressing their disgust with the police.


There is an air of revenge around, one threatening to explode into more serious trouble, and the cornered police officials have released a statement in a bid to arrest the problem.


Official Statement


Said the statement from authorities in Arezzo, where the incident took place when Juve and Lazio fans were tussling:



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