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Luton in Trouble

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Guest TenementFunster
They'll probably get around 15-18 points deducted and a total transfer ban. Mike Newell has been totally vindicated.


Aye, wummin linesmen are sh*t.

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Guest LondonScottish
Are you basing that on anything, or just speculating? I believe the guilty parties are no longer associated with the club.



Was speaking about this situation this morning with one of my mates who's an agent. He reckons this is a huge can of worms and although the people involved have left, it was the team that benefitted ultimately , so Luton will be hit big-time by the FA. Obviously until the FA dish out their sanctions, any possible punishment is going to be just speculation, but in a case such as this anything less than a deduction of 15 points should be seen as a result.

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Guest TenementFunster
Was Newell not the manager at the time some of this is supposed to have happened?

If so, how come he's not involved?


I was wondering this myself. Fair enough he came forward and said it was rife in football but said nothing about his own dealings.

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Just read a very interesting article on this subject on the Guardian website. Seems to suggest this is more of a token gesture and there's much worse going on than at Luton.


The book thrown at Luton stops short of top clubs.


Only thing I could really undestand was that Newell was on a 10% bonus for transfers out - nice work if you can get it but doesn't really encourage building a challenging team when the manager makes money for selling the best players?


Rest of the article I found really difficult to follow and full of jargon - to much booze maybe?

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Guest LondonScottish
Oh, what a time to be a Luton fan.





Unfortunately this is only the tip of the iceberg. The points deduction is only for going into administation, not for the irregularities in the transfer market which will probably result in another 15 points plus. Luton are almost dead and buried now. With a potential transfer market freeze and no money coming in, the future is not looking great.

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