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Has anyone actually signed up to Red TV? I don't really see much point - all matches are on the Sportsound website, highlights are on Monday nights on ITV, and we can read the interviews online or in the papers. The only advantage I can see is highlights of games from back in the day. It hardly seems value for money, to me, anyway.

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Guest pioneer

I've had it for the past 2/3 months, and only got 1 month out of it as its now stopped working for me. :nono:


Apparently commentry quality is sh*te, but has now supposedly improved.

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Guest pioneer

The players/manager interviews are good IMO.


Although there is some rather bizarre features, such as a 15 minute long edit of painting new lines on the pitch. :nono:

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Good value for me, i like it.


The interviews is stuff is excellent, worth finding out what the players are thinking, also good to hear Calderwood's thoughts on the game after it although this is audio but never normally get the chance to hear this after a game. Finally the best thing is the highlights, top stuff with Setanta highlights which about 5 or 6 minutes compared to the crap you get on at 11:57 with scotsport which your lucky to see 2 minutes.

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I believe they are primarily aiming at the ex-pat market rather than Dons fans in Scotland with the whole RedTV idea, and as far as I'm concerned it's worth the 35 quid I shelled out (well assuming I did, as I only recently got an email saying they were still considering taking the debit :P )

That's what I reckoned - for me, in Scotland and being able to get access to most of the material elsewhere I'm better keeping the

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Well basically for your money you get:



Highlights - Same as you get off Setanta or Scotsport I suppose but if you can't see these cos you live abroad then its worth less than a pound a week for that.


Commentary - 100 times poorer than the BBC. Really bad quality both technically and content wise. Hopefully they'll get some decent commentators at some point but I doubt it. Again if yer nae an ex-pat I wouldnae bother.


Interviews - Kinda pointless really but vaguely interesting. I notice a bit of a slow down in the rate of doing them as well.

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Interviews - quite good.

Match Commentary - Totally blinkered - Good. Quality of presenters - poor to average. IT issues seem to have been fixed.

Highlights - if got Setanta then questionnable if worth it.


Compared to the proce OF fans pay for their TV channels, content & quality, then overall it is expensive. But I will continue to pay as it is a step in the right direction by the club.

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I'd imagine the situation is slightly different for the Scottish clubs where they've been signing individual agreements with teams, but this was the situation with the English Football League clubs as of June 2004:




This comes on the back of a renegotiated a multimillion-pound deal between Premium TV and Football League under their 'FLPTV' joint venture.


The three-year deal will secure the long-term future of 76 official football club websites providing services for fans, while also ensuring guaranteed cash payments to clubs from revenues generated for the FLPTV, thereby reinforcing the Football League's commitment to the internet.


Under the new terms, the Football League will acquire Premium TV's stake in FLPTV, allowing the broadband sports publishing company to rid itself of the obligation to provide services for free. Instead, it will secure the rights to company fixed fees, commission on revenues and a share of core income streams including subscriptions, mobile, betting, and e-commerce as well as a non-exclusive right to act as an advertising and sponsorship agent on behalf of FLPTV.




The company claims to have already generated

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I think redTV is great value for money. I actually prefer their commentary to Radio Scotland's. Living in England, I don't get a chance to see much of the Dons, so to be able to see highlights from the week's game is great, unless it's a defeat. :dontknow:


Also, the highlights from memorable matches is a good feature, I hope that more classic Dons games are addded to it soon. And the fact that you can compile your own reel of Dons goals and other highlights from the archive is a great feature. I would have expected to pay more than

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