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Mark lawrenson

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I have to say, I think he's been entirely fair and has summed things up perfectly. I can't see anything other than a draw either..... Spot on Lawro! :cheers:


Scotland v Italy

(1700 GMT)


Scotland have been outstanding. If England had been in the group in place of Scotland, I do not think they would have done as well.


For Scotland, it is tough. It is tough because it is Italy, tough because of the expectation and tough because they have to win it. I do not think a draw will be enough for Scotland and knowing you must win can play with your mind.


Italy are going to play it tight and wait for a chance on the break, which makes it more difficult for Scotland.


The Scots like to play football all the time and it has worked for them when there has been no great pressure.


We saw that in the last two qualifiers. They had a great win against Ukraine at home, but they never got going in Georgia and lost 2-0.


Let me be clear, Scotland have been nothing short of brilliant at home throughout the campaign.


But I think the one team you do not want to play in this situation is the world champions.


Prediction: 1-1

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Yeh, i spotted this yesterday, fair play to him, he does sum it up perfectly.

Im pretty nervy about this game, all i can say is well done to the whole team, and if we dont make it, hopefully this home nations cup if it happens will provide some much needed excitement in the summer months.

i think England would be sh**ting their pants a bit about playing us in this shape.


Alternitively we could just both get to the euros and then stuff england on pens in the semi final :cheers:

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