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John "Bomber" Brown

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Was going to be post a topic about this but didn't think anyone would be bothered, forgot about you SOTR!


I hate that Hun *******d Bomber, total scum of the earth. Be interesting to see how he does there, still think McCabe's dismissal was harsh.


This won't go down well with Dumbarton supporters, being a proud non-denominational team from this west coast. Employing a know bigot as manager will alienate a huge proportion of our supporters.


McCabe had his hands tied for much of his reign, we signed a lot of good players on loan and weren't able to keep them for long enough..... as soon as they hit some form they were either recalled or sold to another team. Stephen Dobbie is a prime example - his goals were irreplacable.

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Guest LondonScottish

Grade A ***t. Must say he made me nearly piss myself at Pittodrie playing for Rangers when he got badly winded from a point blank fierce shot. Was proper gasping for about 5 miutes on the deck. ***king beauty!! :itch-chin:

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Can i just say, officially, that this guy is a ***king tosspot.


***ker of the highest order.


That's official


I'll back you up on that one.


Hideous, hideous player and person. How he wasn't given a penalty against him for his assault on Scott Booth in 93 final is beyond me.


Didn't have one endearing trait as a player at all, just another of Souness'/Smith's henchmen, up there with Iain Ferguson and Terry Hurlock.


The epitome of a hun.



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