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Guest El Padre

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Guest El Padre

National Anthem


Lijepa nasa domovino,

Oj junacka zemljo mila,

Stare slave djedovino,

Da bi vazda sretna bila!

Mila, kano si nam slavna,

Mila si nam ti jedina.

Mila, kuda si nam ravna,

Mila, kuda si planina!


Teci Savo, Dravo teci,

Nit' ti Dunav silu gubi,

Sinje more svijetu reci,

Da svoj narod Hrvat ljubi.

Dok mu njive sunce grije,

Dok mu hrasce bura vije,

Dok mu mrtve grobak krije,

Dok mu zivo srce bije!





Our beautiful homeland,

Oh dear, heroic land,

Fatherland of ancient glory,

May you always be happy!

Dear, as much as you are glorious,

Only you are dear to us.

Dear, where your land is flat,

Dear, where it is mountainous.


Flow Sava, Drava flow,

Nor you, Danube, lose your power,

Azure sea, tell to the world

That a Croat loves his nation.Approve

As long as sun warms his ploughed land,

As long as storms lash his oak trees,

As long as the grave hides his dead,Cry

As long as his living heart beats!



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