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Real Madrid 3 Racing 1

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Went to the Bernabeu on Sat night for the Madrid - Racing Santander game. What an experience that was. The football on show was awesome at times and a pleasure to watch. Robinho in particular was excellent. Racing were actually a very good team though and it could have easily been 3-3.


Also, there can't be many stadiums in the world more impressive than the Bernabeu. They even have heaters all the way around the rooftop to keep the fans warm!

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It was an experience, the heaters stopped working for about 5 minutes in the second half thats when you realised how cold it was. Thought the atmosphere was a bit poor though, apart from the section behind the goals who were doing the konga etc now and again. Loads of older people where we were. Every song they sung we managed to make into an Aberdeen song. Got a few strange looks.

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