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Tuesday Champions League

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Can't see Shaktar scoring 2 goals in last 15 or so minutes but you never know if they go for it JC style 2-4-4 formation in attempt to qualify!

Have to go for it with nothing to lose. Going to switch to that game i think. Need 1 for UEFA Cup and 2 for Champs League. No goals and out!!

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:thumbup1: exactly it only helps that friggers,and the calling off of the huns game against gretnas a disgrace why that scumbags get special treatment hope they get frigging hammered!




dont understand why they needed to do it anyway.


celtic had to travel to Italy to one of the most difficult grounds in the world and they didnt ask for a postponment. same for us we went to Atletico and didnt ask for this.


c'mon Lyon

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Guest LondonScottish
Im watchin Liverpool on ITV London (993)



Should be a good game tonight with Liverpool having to go for it. Shame I'm stuck in the office still.

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Good to see that STV are showing the same game as ITV4....................................Doh!


I was looking forward to watching the Liv v Mar do or die game. Instead due to STV's lack of brain power we have to endure Chel v Val with Chel already qualified!


Is it me or are STV just the biggest bunch of F*k wits when it comes to anything involving fitba and that includes employing that ex thick prik tim (canny remember his name becuase everytime i see him i turn over).


I dont have Sky so i guess i will have to endure Chel................................................... :)

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