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How Many Goals

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I frigged up not watching the whole of the caley celtic game today, was good in bits I saw. If torres can't hack the pace of the premiership he'd struggle to do anything in a game like the caley game today. played at 900mph. Prem isn't everything it's c**ked up to be. Arsenal play good fitba so this should be better

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Guest LondonScottish
1 goal and counting so far what a load of pish the best league in the world is. no wonder their international team is honking



These 4 teams have the best defences in the league by a mile. Arsenal conceded 14, Man Utd 8, Chelsea 10, and Liverpool 10 after 17 games. Why would anyone expect a barrel load of goals against any of the teams today; their respective defences are so strong. And as for England's National team being honking in regards to today's scorelines, surely its the defensive side of things that they mainly have their problems with? They could well do with taking some notes from Fergie et al in regards to blocking out the opposition.

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