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On The 12th Day Of Christmas, Lyon Gave To Me,

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Bit old this but i haven't seen it posted and if it has then sorry:


12th of December,


11 silly bast-ards,


10 points for Lyon,


9 goals against,


8 bears a crying,


7 points no enough,


6 Fergie greetin',


5 British qualifiers,


4 midfield numpties,


3 cracking goals,


2 defensive errors,


1 sending off


And the miss of the century!

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Guest LondonScottish

12th man is missing,

11 Lyons leaping,

10 huns left standing,

9 points for success

8 journalists greeting

7 points for failure

6 as a parrot

5555- 4-1

4 sh*t defenders

3 French goals

2 frigging bad

and the sitter of the centureeeeeeeeeeee



prefer that one to be honest.

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A few versions going about:


On the 12th day of christmas my true love gave to me


12th man is missing

11 lyons leaping

10 huns left standing

9..boyd is subbie

8 journos greeting

7 points is failure

6 as a parrot

5iiiiiiiiivvvvvvveeeee- 4- 1

4 sh*t defenders

3 french goals

2 f@ckin bad

and the sitter of the centureeeeeee

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