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Bush believes that 'god told me to do it'


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Doesn't say much for the idiots that voted for him. Nor for our PM for being so far up him he can't see what everyone else can. Mind you is our dear leader not a bit of a religious fanatic as well. Sure I read something about him and Bush on this topic about a year again.


Mind you a bit unfair of me to slage Americans for voting Bush when we still have individuals who will vote they way their parents did cause we are still living in the 50's, 60's 70's etc without taking time to look at the issues around them. Must vote for Blair cause the Record and the Sun say so.


Sorry these 2 individuals just get my back up. Unfortunately so many have died because of these 2. I'm away for a rest now in a darkened room.

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The thing that Blair and Bush most share in common is that they'll both lie in order to get what they want.....

along with probably about 50% of the rest of the Planet.

George Galloway was soooo right when he said standards have fallen on Capitol Hill(hear the Clash and Alan Ginsberg track of the same name - it's a must).

We had come to expect leaders with integrity who might on occasion sacrifice some material gain for the benefit of all humanity. But Lucifer does'nt like it that way - 'greed is good' is the mantra!


As I see it , George 'dubya' Bush suffers from Peter Pan Syndrome - he's the little boy who never grew up. He still thinks he can tell lies and get away with it.

God's avenging angel is on his/her way!

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Ach, good old God, eh? He must have some PR machine if these poor bastards near Islamabad can still chant "God is great" after their kids have been obliterated by an "act of God". :appl:


Innit frightening that in the past 12 months, hundreds of thousands have died through a tsunami, famine, flooding and hurricanes, yet the barbaric butchers of London and Washington still deliver more 'shock and awe' on the proud and peace-loving peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan? Nice work Christians. Of course, it never entered Bush's head to think that the voice he heard telling him to maim the innocent might have been the self-same voice that telt Eve, "Go on, tak a bite o that Granny Smith", or that in this country people who hear voices are usually carted off to the padded cell for some electro-convulsive therapy. :nono:


And where are the lie-swallowing armchair warriors of 2002 and early 2003, such as Beardy and Cove Sheep who were willing invasion, pissing their pants with testoterone-fuelled excitement when a Humvee with trigger-happy US killing squads emptied its load of lead on residential areas of Tikrit and Baghdad? :wave:

Back under their stones with the other slimy slugs, I suppose. :angry2:

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it aye astounds me that it's those claiming to be fudamental christians that miss the fundamental ideald of christianity. ie peace, love and forgiveness.


it's like the old bill hicks number


'hey buddy, we're christians and didn't like what you had to say about jesus in there'


'then forgive me' :thumbs:

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