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Luton In Administration

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kevin blackwell also being forced out on feb 9th aswell as his backroom staff.


So thats a decent manager, decent staff, couple of decent players all available.


Life after JC if he does decide hes leaving? Good chance of getting some of those players in also since Blackwell is paying their mortgages for them!

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they havent been paid in god knows how long.


surely anything we offer them is better than staying where they are and playing for free


plus since Blackwell has been paying their mortgages is being turfed out, they no longer have any means to pay for their homes. They literally HAVE to move somewhere very quickly

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Presumably they're in administration because they're paying their players a fair whack, meaning we're probably not too attractive a prospect, I wouldn't have thought.


Their players have had 2 week's salary since the start of November, hopefully with another 2 weeks due to be paid this weekend. Whatever they got in the past, they're not getting it now.

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Seriously though, even players like luton wouldn't even want to come up here either.

After having to live in Luton, anywhere would be an improvement :laughing:


Their best players have now gone, or are on the verge of going. Those ones will go to Championship teams who we can't compete with financially, and the ones that will be left after the mass-exodus won't be good enough for Aberdeen.


Sadly it keeps getting worse and worse. If the administrators had let them keep those players they could have avoided relegation and built from there with new owners but now I fear League 2 beckons. Good of Kevin Blackwell and his team to stay on for a month though even though they don't have to.

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Looks like Luton are likely to be saved by Nick Owen's consortium now, which is good. I was just on Wikipedia and I was amused by the way the article started for them.


Luton Town Football Club are just barely an English football team based in the town of Luton in Bedfordshire.

How very apt.

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