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Kevin Keegan New Boss Of Newcastle

Guest LondonScottish

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Guest LondonScottish
20/1 to go down on Betfair, massive massive odds. They're going down now, what a joke club.



Why should they go down? He didn't do too badly when he was there last time did he?

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Guest LondonScottish
I heard that Newcastle were also interested in signing John Beresford, Barry Venison, Robert Lee, Pavel Srnicek, Darren Peac**k and Phillipe Albert.





I think they might actually do ok with him in charge. Certainly no worse than anybody else since he was last there.

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He didn't arrive until 20 minutes into the match Kaino, you can;t give him credit for that surely? :laughing:

Probably can - feelgood factor down there is huge. Only expected 10k max at game tonight but had to delay kick off as after announcement fans flooded to the game.

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Guest LondonScottish
Watch Owen start banging them in now that he's playing under Keegan, a man who typically plays attack-minded formations and who knows a thing or two about scoring goals and being in the right place at the right time. This after playing under Sam "long and high" Allardyce.



Fair point. Keegan will have them playing properly and will maybe get the best out of Martins, Viduka, and Owen. Be interesting to see how things turn out. Having that huge fickle home crowd onside will also make a difference.

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