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What an away a support.Constant noise :)

Thats the way to do it :)


We are the pride of all europe the c**k of the north :)



Quite easy when you support a fairly decent attack minded super team!!!

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Quite easy when you support a fairly decent attack minded super team!!!


I don't know what the score was so its good.


Its a goodwill gesture from sky, 2 weeks of the whole package because usually I just get the entertainment stuff (like movies, uktv gold and all that). Lav it. :)

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Aye noticed that, he did it several times, and then seemd to be ranting at someone when he returned to his seat in the dugout!


Anyone know who this was aimed at? Abusive Reading fans perhaps?

Sir Alex Ferguson says he was just expressing "relief" at Cristiano Ronaldo's late goal, rather than being insulting, when cameras caught him making gestures to the crowd at Reading (Various).

"Relief"... didn't look like it!

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And now a full article.


Ferguson defends sideline gesture.


"Sir Alex Ferguson has denied he deliberately aimed an abusive gesture at Reading fans during Manchester United's 2-0 victory on Saturday.


Supporters at the Madejski Stadium have complained that Ferguson appeared to direct an 'up yours' sign at them towards the end of the match. "


Those same 'supporters' were angelic by comparison throughout, get it right up em. Don't dish it out if u can't take it back... :dontknow:

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