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Havant And Waterloovile

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Guest LondonScottish
What a performance against Liverpool a game those players will probably remember for the rest of their life :laughing:


Scary thing is if they'd had a performance like that against us today they probably would have won :thumbup1:



Was just thinking the same thing. What a fantastic day all round for them. Brilliant.


They all seemed very composed on the ball, not scared to pass it around, and they put in a number of very dangerous crosses.

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they did look impressive. As LS says, knockin it about easily and keepin ahold of the ball in the 1st half.


2nd half you could see the superior conditioning having an effect and Liverpool were able to spread the ball about but take nothing away from H&W, great effort from them all

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They're 12th in the Conference South! Wonder how many of their 6000 'fans' there y/day wil be at their next game!


No replays in the FA cup this weekend, quite unusual.


Chelsea -Arsenal, Pompey-Liverpool would be good ties for the next round :thumbup1:

Man U in place of pompey, with Pompey away. Like to see loads of the 6 remaining prem teams kncoked out, just to give the likes of Bolton & Blackburn something to think about and what might have been, after their disgraceful team selections for the third round.

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Man Utd v Arsenal :P

Aye - greatest cup competition in the world has thrown up a brilliant draw:


Bristol Rovers v Southampton


Cardiff City v Wolves


Sheffield United v Middlesbrough


Liverpool v Barnsley


Manchester United v Arsenal


Preston v Portsmouth


Coventry City v West Brom


Chelsea v Huddersfield Town

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