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750 quid fine? on his wages????? :applause: lucky he didn't kill somebody! *******d!


That punishment is almost as pathetic as the excuse the hun scum came up with.


For legal reasons, Queens Park Rangers FC will be making no comment on the matter of Bob Malcolm's arrest and subsequent charge by police in relation to a drink-drive incident which occurred yesterday.


However, Bob has issued the following statement regarding the incident:


"First and foremost, I want to apologise to all the supporters, and in particular the young fans. I recognise that footballers are role models and, as such, should set a positive example. On this occasion, I have failed to do that.


"I must say that I was very upset and frustrated with the poor performance of the referee in our match at Plymouth the evening before.


"I would also like to stress that at the time of the incident I was not driving my car. I had pulled over to the side of the road and was sleeping.


"Once again, I apologise for what has been a major error of judgement."


The Club will be making no further comment regarding this matter.


Guys a tit.

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