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Ronaldo Finished?

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Has suffered another long term knee injury. Very sad news.


What a fantastic player he was in his day.... I remember tuning into football Italia on Channel 4 years ago, always hoping Inter would be the featured game so i could catch a glimpse of this football genius in full flow.


1993-1994 Cruzeiro 13 (12)

1994-1996 PSV Eindhoven 46 (42)

1996-1997 FC Barcelona 37 (34)

1997-2002 Inter Milan 69 (49)

2002-2007 Real Madrid 127 (83)

2007- Present A.C. Milan 16 (9)


National team

1994-2006 Brazil 97 (62)


.... For a player that spend most of his career on the treatment table, those are astonishing career goalscoring stats! And he's still the record goalscorer in the history of the world cup finals! His hat-trick at Old trafford in the Champions league a number of year ago will live long in my memory - he was absolutely awesome that day.

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Guest GoldFinger

Recently he has not been the player that he was, slow etc and thought he was poor at the last World Cup - those stats are amazing though, I had no idea he was banging them in at Milan like that! Real shame that this has happened, best player in the world when I was growing up!

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Guest glasgowdon

Does anyone think he stopped caring?


The determination for those goals was incredible.


People say he was lazy at Real Madrid but look at those stats.

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The sudden burst of acceleration that takes him clear of the defenders is incredible.... he was a fine specimen in his day! :laughing:

The first 3 goals are amazing, must have been very very scary knowing you were away to play against him back then as a defender, look at the third goal, he wasna even favourite to get the ball let alone score.

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