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Lampard Red Card Rescinded

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Chelsea win their appeal, but Boro lose theirs despite Lampard's offence being worse. :nutter:

Regardless of the boro situation that is a ridiculous decision, presumably now you can lash out at, kick and stamp on an opponent and you will get your red card rescinded. Surely players could appeal now using that as precedent.

Do the FA have to give a reason?? Intersting to know why it was rescinded, other than because its Lumpalard and Chelsea.

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There's too much money involved in Lampard being out for a game or two.

The Premier League is even better at looking after the "big 4" than we are with C & R.

You are spot on john, I never thought I'd see the day, but when even Phil "biased as frigg" Thompson comes out on Sky saying that the big 4 get all the decisions, you have to feel it's out of hand.

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