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Birmingham Vs Newcastle

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Anyone else watching this?


McFadden is currently tearing the Newcastle defence a new arsehole.... on top form tonight! Playing against that defence, it must feel like he's back in the SPL!


frigg, there's new arseholes all over the place in that Newcastle defence this season. Nae watchin the game but i hope Birmingham can not only win tonight but stay up.

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Setanta on Freeview is pish. Every time I go to watch a game I get signal scrambled (& yes, I am paying for it). Then you phone up the help desk, and you get an automated message telling you to power off and take your viewing card in and out, and then they hang up on you. Of course that doesn't work, so you end up phoning the wrong department just to get someone to talk to you. Happens once a month like clockwork. Shambles of a company.

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