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East Fife Celebrations

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Complete joke. :ThumbsDown:




Sparkle taken off East Fife bubbly


By Craig Smith and Graeme Bletcher


EAST FIFE fans have criticised police officers who threatened to spoil their title celebrations on Saturday afternoon.


The Fifers clinched their first league trophy in 60 years with a 3-0 win over East Stirling, sparking jubilant scenes among players, officials and supporters at Firs Park in Falkirk.


As the customary champagne began to flow in the dressing room, however, officers from Central Scotland Police moved in to warn the players that their actions would be in contravention of laws governing the presence of alcohol within football grounds.


A spokesman for Central Scotland Police confirmed yesterday that officers had been involved as the title party got under way.



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Guest SS RED

Robo your comment is pretty sh*t to be honest, thin kyou should edit it. You a snob now? Better than other people?


Back to subject, embarissing really, pathetic, so many words for the Police, go and do a REAL job.

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What an utter joke. :angry2:


Funny thing is I was quaffing United branded Red Wine and Champagne in the executive lounge at Tannadice only a few weeks back.


2+2 = 5?


Tannadump is probally liscenced wereas Firs Park wont be and their is also a few rules like you cannot watch a game etc (look at the pitch :dance: ) whilst drinking.

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