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Paul Jewell

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Guest LondonScottish
Why would they get rid of him, who else will they get to get hem back up?



Billy Davies has probably got the pedigree. :blahblah1:

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Guest LondonScottish
excellent lol lol


I read this in the paper yesterday couldn't stop laughing - makes him out to be a real deviant boning her over his Merc bonnet




Is that deviant? :crossfingers:

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It all makes Davies sacking even stranger, the chairman basically said Davies was defeatest but Jewell after about 4 games has been exactly the same?
I would have said Jewell was worse, altohugh that's maybe relative, as Jewell is normally a "typical" cheeky chappy Scouser, whereas Davies always looked like he was ready for a funeral in the first place.
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