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Euro 2008 Ball

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Guest LondonScottish


Strange ball - seems to have a rough pimple effect. We used this in Bayern



Must be to give more control between player and ball I suppose.

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Guest LondonScottish
Ah........that'll be how Lucio beat Clangers with that free kick then.........hmmm



Nah, its just clangers obviously didn't any "grippy stuff" on his frigging gloves. :applause:

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I predict that within the first few days of Euro 2008 there will be a stream of comments from pundits about how the ball is incredibly light, susceptible to the wind, easy to swerve and impossible for goalkeepers to catch. Numerous goals will be put down to the "new ball", but by the second week this will all be forgotten and the tournament will continue as normal.

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