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Zico V Platini

Zico v Platini  

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  1. 1. Zico or Platini - who was better?

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Was debating with a mate last night, after a few sherries, who was the better player - Zico or Platini. Zico for me, both great free kick specialists and passers of the ball, however, Zico's flair, dribbling skills and ability to pull off some of the best overhead kicks you'll ever see seals it for me. Interested to get others' opinions so I can go back and tell him he was talking mince if you agree with me.


Zico -


Platini - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KlFW0CeZr8

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Platini was perhaps a more important and influential player for France than Zico was for Brazil. However, in terms of natural ability, Zico was better so I voted for him. Zico's in my top ten favourite players of all time.

i agree skill factor has to go to zico,but he was in a team of skillful players,platini was sheer class and could turn games himself with reasonable quality players surrounding him

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