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New South Park

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new season has been rank so far imho.


1st one was probably the best ripping it out of philadelphia.

2nd one about britney, totally didnt get the harvest gag until i googled it and found someone saying about "the lottery". bag of ***k story

3rd one was funny. kenny cracks me up.

4th one...again, pish but the youtube guys was funny as hell.


new one tonight sounds like it could be decent wi cartman being a substitute teacher in the inner city schools.

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Still hard to beat older classics like "Do the Handicapped Go To Hell?" and "Probably". "Awesom-o" and "Scott Tenorman Must Die" were also awesom-o.




The Awesom-o is probably the funniest one ive seen in a few series!!

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just seen bro down.


stand by my above sentiment that randy is a sensational secondary character.


by 12 mins in, i couldnt believe how much storyline they had managed to squeeze in. felt like a full feature length by the end.


.....and it made me really want to take my mrs to a musical :laughing:

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and make love not warcraft, piece of geniius.

Makes it all the sadder when it goes shit




Make Love Not Warcraft is the Bomb Diggety.


Looks like you're about to get pwned.


One HUGE error though... killing a million boars in Goldshire won't cap you out... once they hit grey, around lvl 10, you get no more XP for killing that particular mob.


Just saying :thumbs:

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