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Guest SS RED

Derby, Fulham and Bolton down and Hull, WBA and Bristol City up.


What do you think?


Scotland appears to be Gretna down and Hamilton up.

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It would be brilliant for a team like Bristol City or Hull to get a season in the Premiership.


If they can achive what Reading or Wigan have done. If they end up being a waste of league table space like Derby, I doubt they would believe so. Can't see Bristol City or Hull having too much to spend, so the likelyhood is the latter.

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I was hoping Dundee would go up instead of Hamilton but doesn't look likely...will Hamilton even get as 'big' a crowd as Inverness get??


I quite like West Brom and think they'd do relatively well in the Premier league.

Hull will struggle, they've got Windass so be good if they went.

Don't know about the other spot, Stoke would be a change I suppose.

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15 Wigan 35

16 Reading 32

17 Birmingham 31

18 Bolton 29

19 Fulham 27

20 Derby 11


Wigan are safe barring the most amazing turn of events, so the rest.....





Saturday, 19 April 2008

Arsenal v Reading, 12:45

Fulham v Liverpool, 15:00

Middlesbrough v Bolton, 15:00


Sunday, 20 April 2008

Aston Villa v Birmingham, 12:00




Saturday, 26 April 2008

Birmingham v Liverpool,

Man City v Fulham,

Tottenham v Bolton,

Wigan v Reading,



Saturday, 03 May 2008

Bolton v Sunderland,

Fulham v Birmingham

Reading v Tottenham,


Sunday, 11 May 2008

Birmingham v Blackburn,

Chelsea v Bolton

Derby v Reading,

Portsmouth v Fulham,



Birmingham's fixtures are now nearly as tough as Bolton's. The crucial games could be 3rd May. Bolton v Sunderland & Fulham v Birmingham could well decide the teams to join Derby.


It's still very hard to see anything other than Derby, Fulham and Bolton going down though.

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