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Everton V Chelsea

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Dont really mind who comes 4th but would rather a team with Torres and Gerrard was playing in the Champions league than a team with Yakubu and Arteta.


would Everton not be allowed to strengthen in pre-season :laughing:


anyway Yakubu has or had the best strike rate behind Henry in the premiership (so sky sports said a while back).

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Guest LondonScottish
Liverpool were founded by 2 Scotsmen back in 1892......John Houlding who was the main founder built the back bone of the Liverpool team out of Scotsmen and that seemed to follow on for years up until the Dalglish era......nowadays however I can only think of 1 Scottish player and that is Adam Hamill.


He even tried to move Liverpool to the Scottish league but realised it was a ridiculous idea and kept them within the English Premier League.


They have had few Scottish managers, were founded by Scotsmen. Anfield almost changed its name also many many many years back to Scotia Park.........although board members ruled against it. They have had Scottish backbone in many squads up until Dalglish and co quite Liverpool, but they have always had Scottish players floating in and out of their squads and as I say Adam Hamill is the only one I can think of that is Scottish and in the Liverpool squad these days.



The first Liverpool team were entirely picked from Scotland and their nickname was the "Macs"

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