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Zenit V Bayern Live

Guest SS RED

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What a team Zenit are, nothing to do with Bayern being poor (which they do look granted) but they are passing the ball about brilliantly and have some pacy players too. God forbid if the horrible Huns were somehow to get through tonight, there's no way they'd get an easy game against this lot.


They could tear Weir & Cuellar a new one!!!!

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Actually quite pleased for Zenit despite their elements of hunnery. This strikes me as being their Copenhagen moment. 4-0 at home against a supposedly stronger team despite missing their best player.


God forbid Fiorentina can't do it later or else I'll be a St. Petersburg fan for a fortnight.

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Guest GoldFinger

If Rangers make the final I'll be buying a Zenit top and parading it around every day until the final.


Can't believe their striker boy is missing the final, when he did nothing to deserve a booking!

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Watched the game on Sat 1 Deutschland (knew there was a reason I let the wife talk me into getting an Astra dish and German satellite!) and that's not quite the worst I've seen Bayern play but it wasn't far off it (worst was vs MSV Duisburg in December of last year - I go to see Bayern a few times each year).


Lucio was shocking, the central midfield was missing most of the night (no surprise when Ze Roberto didn't come back out for the second half) and its a pity Lucas Podolski wasn't that bad against us in the Allianz. Add to that Schweinsteiger running about like a headless chicken - apart from trying to get sent off - (by the way did you know his name means "pig mounter" ! :laughing: ) and Toni falling over all night no wonder they got humped.


Frankly be glad to get to the end of the season and see the back of Hitzfelt and the arrival of Klinsman, Bayern are decent and have some excellent players but are no more than that just now (as last season). It just shows that the Bundesliga isn't as good as some folk make out given the fact that Bayern are almost this years champions!


As to St Petersburg they looked decent but don't know they'd beat the Huns in the final so fingers crossed for good news later from Firenze.


Right, away to take off the Bayern shirt and put on a nice Violet one with "Toyota" on the front of it! (And I'm not joking about that! :drink: )

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