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The Zenit St Petersburg Appreciation Thread

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Guest GoldFinger

Shame their star player got a booking that rules him out of the final, when he did basically nout wrong!


Hope it gets over turned!!

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Shame their star player got a booking that rules him out of the final, when he did basically nout wrong!


Hope it gets over turned!!


I know. Damn!


Looked like they had a lot of dangerous players though so hopefully they won't miss him too much.

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Ive never hated a player more than ricksen, so its gonna be tough at the time, but i hope he destroys rangers in the final.


At least you could rely on him to make a twat of himself at some point! Now when we start on about that arrogant little ned that wears the Captain's armband for the Forces of Darkness at the moment then we have someone to hate! Notice how he disappears in the big games? It drives me up the wall when it's for Scotland - time for a new Captain there me thinks!


Anyway who cares who rips them a new one, as long as someone does it! And it would be good if the Little Genital gets some mileage from it to stick it back up them!

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You are our only hope now.


Can't believe I have to cheer on a side with Ricksen in it and managed by Advocatt but you sometimes have to do things like that.


Agreed 100%. Still absolutely gutted about last night, could see it coming right from kick off though. Makes you sick.

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I think some of you are being very narrow-minded here. Glasgow Rangers are a fine footballing institution, and as representatives of Scotland, we should be supporting them in the UEFA Cup Final against Zenit St. Petersburg.


Aye, right.


'mon the Russians! :laughmad: :thumbup1:

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The final is bound to end 0-0 after 90mins.


I'm trying not to even think about it :(


Think I cursed it with a stupid post I made earlier in the thread.


At the risk of repeating myself we simply MUST beat these minks at Pittodrie. That's all we can do and hope that Zenit and QOTS do the business. :crossfingers:

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Guest SS RED

10,000 big Russians across aswell, hope they get stuck into the huns big style, I would love to turn on the ten o clock news and see some big fat mink being hoofed up the road.....COME ON ZENIT.

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Problem is these guys are proper scumbags too. Their fans are so unbelievably racist they actually make Rangers look semi respectable. Almost.


They were on about them on Reporting Scotland, Manchester getting invaded by 10,000 racist thugs. I seriously thought they were talking about the hun supporters! :laughing:

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