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still in its early stages but im signed up to valued opinions and they sent me a survey about this game. its a cross between resistance and resident evil. Meteor has fallen and infected seattle so eveyone is now a zombie. your task is to roam about, find survivors, bring them back to your base then escort them to safety.


sounds a stupid and dated idea but its looks really decent.


the video looks just like rainbow 6: vegas but you have missions to find more marines so you can go into co-op modes, missions to find supplies etc etc.


Best part is probably design your own gun. The demo had a rocket launcher combined with an shotgun and an uzi. Just stupid amounts of carnage but could be funny as hell.


tried doing a google search but nothing really comes up. just remember this title and when you see it, youll know what im talking about.


Other part of the survey was for the new DC Superheroes game....woo...hoo....as if there arent enough superhero beatem ups out there as it us. Market is surely beyond saturation by now.

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For those without consoles:







Aftermath is a musical departure from The Rolling Stones Mark One. The R 'N' B roots are still clearly audible, and even prevalent.

But the Beatles- and Dylan-influenced pop hooks and riffs that typify the mass-market mid-sixties sound (and feature so strongly on The Stones' later hit singles) play a bigger part on Aftermath than on any previous Stones recording or - bar Between The Buttons - any later collection.


This still isn

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