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Man City In Europe

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Who's this like? The only player you could accuse of being a thug was Barton and he was gone before Sven came in.


Michael Ball stamping on Ronaldo? Ben Thatcher knocking Pedro Mendes unconscious? Joey Barton putting his own teammate in hospital? They've had a culture led by thuggish muppets for years and getting rid of Barton and Thatcher was only the tip of the iceberg.

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Thatcher left ages ago and Ball was a one-off incident


It wasn't a one off incident, it was part of a series of incidents which have taken place involving Man City players that would lead us to the perfectly reasonable conclusion that their squad cultivated a thuggish mentality. As a result they were consistently near the bottom of the fair play table before Sven came to the club. I view his job as something akin to Michelle Pfieffer in the film Dangerous Minds, but with Britpop rather than hip hop.

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Seems Man City can "gain" a spot in Europe on Sunday just by not puttig in any tackles against Middlesbrough. England have gained an extra UEFA cup spot through fair play league.




As an aside surely makes Boro a good price at 11/10 to win since City will do anything to not get bookings?

Wish i had got up in time to get a nice bet on this one!!


4-0 up now although City have had a red and a yellow card. Could cost them a place in Europe!!

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