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Cardiff City End Of Season Awards Banter

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anybody watch the interview with him on bbc today?


talkin about everyone in the cardiff squad - the grey squirrel; super kev and the honey monster; gavin rae. funny as frigg


i just love the line - last one on the stage is a poof. :)


oh, and the song was co-written by super kev on the way back from an away game

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Cardiff certainly deserved to win on the basis of musical ability. That "play up Pompey" thing that Portsmouth fans sing has to be the worst football chant of all time. If a bunch of nasal accented southerners whining something to the tune of a grandfather clock isn't enough to give you a headache, then nothing will.

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tbh, i can see him moving in the summer.


doesnt start many games and although hes loved behind the scenes, his performances dont really justify his wages.


but you can see from the vid why JC wants him. not for his talent but his dressing room banter - dare i say it....good to have around the place

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