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Barton Sent Down

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Premier League footballer Joey Barton has been jailed for assault and affray.


Barton, 25, was arrested in Liverpool on 27 December 2007 after he was involved in a confrontation outside a McDonald's restaurant in the city.


The midfielder, of Foxbank Close, Widnes, admitted the charges last month but reporting restrictions were only lifted on Tuesday.


He appeared at Liverpool Crown Court where Judge Henry Globe QC sentenced him to jail for six months.


The judge told him it was a "violent and cowardly act".

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:thumbup1::laughing: Bye bye


Players like him really annoy me. He has everything that most guys would dream of and he pisses it against a wall. He will serve half his term, he has already served some time while waiting for court appearance so that will come off his time as well. Little P-R-I-C-K.

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