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Rangers Players Out Of Scotland Match

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The thing that annoys me is that Burley comes out and says that the players that fill in for the 'superstars' (these are the ones that don't see playing for Scotland as being a nuisance but a privilage and don't take it for granted) have more chance of playing in the games that matter (i.e the WC qualifiers) when we all know that Burley is just a 'yes' man and that he's talking sh*te.

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You'd have thought the likes of Thomson and Whittaker, who were set for their first caps, would have been honoured to play. Obviously it isn't that important to them. Funny how Boyd suddenly has a strain after giving it laldy in the final playing the whole 90 minutes! :itch-chin:

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dont pick them again. And drop ferguson as captain. he is a disgrace as a captain.




If burley had any balls he'd take the armband from this twat and give it Macmanus or Gordon.


2 players who seem to want to play for their national side. Unfortunately i dont think he has the balls to do it, he'd be too afraid of the media back lash.


for once i'm jealous of England - a manager with the guts to say that he will decide who plays and who is rested. they also dont get these call offs every week as they seem to want to get to a major finals and play there.

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