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European Championship Videos

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The BBC have a great achieve section on their Euro08 page. Highlights of some classic games on there.




Spain 4-3 Yugoslavia, Euro 2000. An unbelievable game, remember watching it at the time and it was a breathtaking game.




Romania 3-2 England. Phil Neville ends ends hopes with a fantastically bad tackle in the box :laughing:




Scotland 3-0 CIS, never knew insurance companies could enter the Euros! :laughing:



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Cheers for that. :thumbup1: First time I've seen a decent set of highlights since 2004.


Remember the non-footballing half of my family worriedly running into our living room to find out what was wrong after Poborsky's shot. How many players in the world would actually square the ball back for that last goal as well?! Awesome game. :checkit:

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That's brilliant that link. I've been looking for that Spain v.s Yugoslavia highlights (BBC commentary) for ages. Motson's voice is hilarious when Alfonso scores the winner :cheers:


Just shows how great that tournament actually is really with all the great highlights. :applause:

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Portugal 3 England 2 from Euro 2000 would have been good to see. (for obvious rerasons)


I see they've got Romania 3 England 2 from the same tournament though so maybe expecting too much for the BBC to show 2 England humiliations from the same tournament. ;)

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