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Euro 2008 Wall Chart?

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been lookin, waiting eagerly for the nuts and fhm's of the world to pimp off their mags with a free wall planner but still havent seen one.


have i missed them or are they still to come?


found a crappy one as a word doc but i wanted the big wall mountable one. Anybody seen any?

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How old are you ?




why? am i not allowed them at my age? actually want it more for the dates and times of the matches so i dont have to check this word document all the time.


i mind the illicit still did a quality wallet sized one for euro 2000. if memory serves you got a free pint for every match you attended at the bar and brought the card. sneaky buggers....wonder if they are doin that again this year.


ah, the good old days, a crappy pint of McEwans in one of the most claustophobic bars in Aberdeen. How i miss it

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ooooooh, thats quite purty. and to be fair, perfect.


to quote barney stenson, that you my friend are legen, wait for it......dary. legendary.


right click, save as "awesome". put on usb, take to work, print a3, roll up and sneak home.

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