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Aaron Ramsey

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Manchester United is delighted to announce it has agreed terms with Cardiff City for the transfer of Aaron Ramsey subject to terms being agreed and the player passing a medical


This guy looks really good, he came on in the FA cup final and you could tell he was a different class from most of the other youngsters to see playing in those leagues, Man u have got a great deal here by looks of things, especially when you take the fees Arsenal and spurs paid for Walcott and Bale in to consideration.


I imagine Robbo will know abit about this boy, so speak away mate.

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Aye but he'll sign for man u, mark my words mate, i reckon the fact the player he admires the most is at that club, they have won their league and champions league will swing it,, plus why would a good British youngster go to Arsenal when all they do if produce decent european youngsters.

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Aged 16, this boy broke John Toshack's record of being the youngest ever player to play for Cardiff City. He then went on to become the second youngest player ever to play in an FA Cup final, when he came on as a sub in the Portsmouth v Cardiff final last month.


Wales seem to be producing quite a few decent youngsters at the moment e.g. Bale, Ramsey, Ledley.


I hope he signs for Man Utd.

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The next Wales squad has a great chance of getting to Euro 2012. The world cup will come just too fast but mark my words, Wales' current crop of u21s are bloody good already. Ched Evans has the potential to be massive, even though the stories that ive heard about him made you shudder. Not even rumours either, i know the guy who is basically his babysitter when hes with the wales squad and hes a nightmare to look after.


As for Ramsey, United already had a 5 mil bid knocked back at the xmas window. Ear to the ground says its 4 mil upfront, 6.5 mil in clauses. Hes a crackin player and could easily be the next Paul Scholes. Hes that good and hes Man U to the core. Yes hes a valley boy but everyone down here supports man u or liverpool. Arsenals bid aint got a snowballs chance. A ) its not as lucrative as the united one and B ) would you go to arsenal if man u were after you?


Also talk that were tying to throw in a clause that hell be a United player but hell come back to Ninian Park on loan next season.

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Everton have apparently had a bid accepted as well. With Liverpool also interested this may drag on a bit. Ih=f he's a Man Utd fan as Robbo says then it should be a straight-forward decision for him and hopefully Fergie will help him develop as a player over the next couple of years.

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