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Ac Milan

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Guest LondonScottish
exactly - 2nd place in Bulgaria over 5th in italy if UEFA were being fair.


I thought nations were only allowed a max of 4 teams any way.



Unless its under special circumstances, ie Liverpool.

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Guest LondonScottish
Does this count as exceptional ?


if team a finishes above team B in the league and Team A are then penalised, surely Team B then should be the ones to step in?


typical bloody UEFA, the rich get richer.



I can't believe the place just doesn't go to the next team down.

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I was looking forward to it without Milan, soo predictable and old now that they are boring, they don't deserve it and i think it's better when you get a few different sides swapping between Uefa cup and the Champions league.


i'm off for a lie down. i'm agreeing with you, LS and Tommy too much these days

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