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Holland V Italy

Guest SS RED

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Guest SS RED

Such a close one too call, I for one don't have a clue who is going to win. Should be a good game anyway, if the Italians go for it.

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Guest LondonScottish
Italy will sneak it with one goal! Holland have a good team but very young! i think they will peak in 4 years time!



Going to be tight, but I don't think Italy are that good. Going to go with Holland to win by one goal.

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Italy to win by 3 goals tonight


Netherlands, again, are falling apart and are at each others throats.


don't be suprised to see the Dutch end up bottom of the group with 3 defeats.


Don't think Italy will hammer them tonight, as thats not the Italian way, but I think they'll win. As I've said before, reports I'm hearing from my friend in Holland, who is a footie journalist, suggest the dutch have self-destructed already. He can't see them qualifying. Apparently, Sneider and RVP were scrapping during training the other day. A few players are also said to be furious that RVN has walked back into the side, after being so critical of the coaches and national squad in the past... with Huntelaar relegated to the bench.


The general public have no confidence in Van Basten either.

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Guest SS RED

Hunteaar maybe.


The firs ten minutes here have given us more entertainment than the previous 90 minutes involving france.

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