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Russia V Spain

Guest SS RED

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Guest SS RED

Spain, most exiting team to watch so far and Russia were ok aswell. Good game.


Still pisse doff at how bad France were yesterday, shocking.

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Can't believe all the media were harping on about Torres to get the goals for Spain. Villa was the man for me. That's why i've got him in my dream team comp i'm doing with my mates. Far better goalscoring record for Spain than Torres.

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I started off this thread by having a wee dig at where Torres scores in the hope you'd react, you never, i salute you!


I then said that he is a class act and was looking hungry in the match, a class act because of his style of play, i then went on to mention what he said last week in the paper about only scoring soo much because keepers and defences are soo poor in the EPl, that i don't agree with.


I also agreed with him being subbed as he faded away and done nothing, after he was subbed it showed that they needed to change quite a bit and once they did they got going again.

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That substitution just proves Aragones is a sh*te manager!


think aragones had the last laugh with fabregas scoring...inspired substitution haha!!




No, doing it at the World Cup, and scoring for fun during it aswell as scoring for fun during the qualifiers isn't big occasions. Chelsea, Inter Milan, Arsenal are all 'lowly' teams aswell eh.


OH......you never did mention the fact Torres did it at the World Cup and in qualifying OH and the Champions League.............thought so.......go back to learning, you will get there eventually, because you aren't quite there yet.


Torres has 2 goals in his last 18 games for Spain, 19 now including today so he hasn't done it regularly for Spain for a long time.


Let's get this straight, I think Torres is a fantastic player, but he's not as good as many people think including you it seems Robo. He was decent in the first half but not outstanding and the substitution made sense to me.


Villa on the other hand is underhyped IMO. I have money on him as topscorer so I'm delighted at the moment, he showed today what he was all about

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Guest LondonScottish
Does anyone else think that there might be something romantic between Torres and Villa?


They certainly had a "moment" after villa's 1st and 3rd goals?



Think I'd probably have a moment if I'd just slammed in a hat-trick in the Euro's! :laughing:

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