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Are You Missing Out ?

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No, not the football but ...








FOOTIE fans might not be able to see any scoring on the box this summer, but they are sure to see some action in the bedroom.


Wives and girlfriends across the country will be celebrating as the failure of the home nations' teams to qualify for Euro 2008 means the scoring this summer is set to move from the pitch to between the sheets.


A new study shows that six in 10 fanatic footie fans would rather watch a match than have sex with their partner.


But with the serious lack of football this summer, bonking is set to become the number one summer sport.


While blokes may be lamenting the footie loss, ladies nationwide are ecstatic to get their men back from the telly and into the bedroom.


X-rated ball-action is set to rocket as women rejoice having their men concentrating on sex rather than football.


Fans can still have the best of both though

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