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Austria V Poland

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Why did Webb not give a penalty earlier in the game when same was happening at every corner and free kick?


who knows!!


the refereeing has been poor IMO. Austria should have had 2 pens in their first game and the refs seem hell bent on making football a non contact sport at this tournament

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Guest the shepherd
Quality game I thought. If Austria had a striker they'd have been 5-0 up.


Great refereeing by Howard Webb for the penalty :crossfingers:


The Austrians deserved at least a draw. Boruc MOTM

Good summary of the game. I thought it was an enjoyable game to watch, one of the better ones of the tournament so far, although the two commentators seemed hell-bent on picking flaws at anytime they saw fit just because the game involved two of the more unfashionable teams of the tourney. If the game involved the likes of a Holland or Portugal they would have been salivating at the mouth at some of the play rather than being negative at every opportunity.

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