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North Region Junior Football

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Too big for their egotistical boots nowadays.

The day that an Aberdeen team wins the Junior Cup again, is the day I might reconsider that what they have done to Junior football in the area has been worthwhile. We will be eating bacon wings before then!

I think the argument against Lewis Utd is that they spent money on players while other clubs were spending their money bringing their ground up to " Superleague " standard. Certainly that is what Formartine have been arguing.


The whole structure is now based on money, and quite where it comes from, I'm bxggered if I know.

Furthermore the juniors deny the Amateur Leagues of referees because they insist "superleague" games should have linesmen, and of young talent because they take all the young laddies from Juveniles and then never play them.


I think the whole structure would be better served if the clubs with the biggest egos joined the Highland League.

They reverted to an East and a North Section, and allowed a couple of top Amateur clubs in, Echt for example.

The overall North Region champions being decided by the final between East and North League winners.


Shame to treat a fine old club like Lewis they way they are doing, but presumably Lewis were a founder member of the current set up and knew the rules?

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Didn't know about this but certainly sounds a farce.


Culter are the team I look out for as I'm originally from there but not had chance to get out to Crombie to see them in a while. Shame they never managed to bag the title AGAIN but they'd a good Scottish Cup run and gave Huntly a good game from what I heard.


On that note, certainly think they and one or two others could hold their own in the Highland League just as Locos have shown.

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