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Italy V Spain.

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June 22nd is not a good date in Spains footballing history.


Three times in they have been beaten on penalties on this date.


World Cup 1986 v. Belgium

Euro 1996 v. England

World Cup 2002 v. South Korea


Each of these games took place on June 22nd


Football works in funny ways, So fully expect the Italians to win via Penalties tonight.

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Guest LondonScottish
Italy will win.



I'd like Spain to win tonight, but Italy have been so poor so far and are maybe due pulling off a decent win. About time Luca toni slammed in a couple of chances.


Off the fence: Spain.

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Guest rocket_scientist
Just to add, Spain have only ever won one game on the 22nd June. June 22nd 1930. Against Italy.

The paper today said this was the last time Spain beat Italy in a major championship / meanmingful fixture.


Spanish defence will cost them this. I don't see Italy not getting through tonight.

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Although I hate seeing games decided by penalties, I'm glad Spain are through, for the sake of football. They were the only team who really had a go, whereas Italy just went out with the mentality of trying not to lose. Whether Spain can maintain their good form to go all the way remains a moot point, though, especially with the Russians in such good form right now.

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Guest LondonScottish
Dearie me. That was an absolutely horrible game.... I hope Russia stuff them in the next round!



Should be a far more open game. Everyone-behind-the-ball is so frigging boring to watch.

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Guest LondonScottish
Donadoni bottled it. Italy can play good stuff.



Anyone can play good stuff when they open up, but its not the Italian way. sh*t and boring.

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It was completely the Italians fault the game was as sh*t as it was. They would have set themselves up exactly the same way against the Russians in the semi too. At least with Spain getting through we should be guaranteed a semi final where both teams like to play attacking football.

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