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Adidas Never Miss A Chance To Promote Themselves

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Giant boots on show in Vienna




The 16 gigantic football boots erected in the Vienna Museum Quarter have proven to be a massive hit with football-supporting photographers. By now, the word of the popular photo opportunities has begun to spread among fan circles.


Giant ball

"There are hundreds of fans pouring in here daily, even more on match days, to have their photo taken with the boots," stated Georg Kovacic from adidas. For every participating nation at UEFA EURO 2008

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i played with one of the official balls a few days ago at 5s. Ive always tried to defend the expensive balls but this one is a shocker. My mate goes through on goal, shoots from about 1m outside the area, cannons off the crossbar and takes off flying clean out of the area landing in a tree. Brand new ball and by the end of the hour it looked in a shocking state.


When they said its not far off 1 of the balls you get down the petrol stations, they really aint lying.

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