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Favourite Team Names

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I have just found the coolest "Team Name" ever apart from Borrussia Munchen Methlick from the Oldmeldrum Sports years ago.


They are a female team from here in Norway called "FART"


Check out - http://www.fartfotball.no/Startside/tabid/1057/Default.aspx


Then check out - Spillere tab > Toppserian Kvinner > Hoyopploselig bilde med drakt


I go for - [url="http://idrett.speaker.no/Downloads/54843/pics/Martine-

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im a child, but i still laugh at Peruvian side, Deportivo ***ka




In 2006, it emerged that Deportivo ***ka strips had become a cult collectible item for British football fans, with over 1,000 strips selling in the space of a few weeks. The British slang word ***ker "one who masturbates", sounds like ***ka when said with a (non-rhotic) British accent. The Sun quoted a club spokesman as saying that "It is very strange. Everyone in Britain seems to think we have a funny name."




just gets better and better

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