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Sfa Wants Views On Argentina Cost

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Guest LondonScottish
Its a good idea that the Sfa has asked the fans. :applause:


I just dont believe we should be getting ripped off just to play a friendly. Paid

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I'll be back living in Scotland when that game takes place and I'd happily pay silly money for the game... but then I've not seen Scotland play since they were trounced by Korea back in 2002, so that opinion may change if/when I was to fork out the money.



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The Argentinians are charging millions for this, so I'd tell them to stick it. I can't see us selling out a friendly at that price, and I certainly wouldn't want the SFA to piss away more money on a non-competitive match.


And anyway... Scotland are well rehearsed in 4-5-1 defensive formations. Can we not just play an American/Asian/African team that we could actually have a go at?

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