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50 Worst Transfers.

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Guest LondonScottish
To be fair, Bramble was touted as one for the future when Newcastle snapped him up. But him, along with seemingly countless other players that have gone to Newcastle, have turned out to be shit.


I more surprised that Titus Bramble is still a Premier League player at Wigan. :)


I didn't see too much of him before his transfer, and I suppose his highlights didn't look too bad, but did he get found out at Newcastle or what? :thumbs:

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Guest LondonScottish
ricky gillies was one for me , we were conned by the media and chick young on that, arguably in todays market I would fling lovell in to be controversial



In the top 50 worst ever transfers in football? :laughing:

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the jess one reeks of lazy journalism in the last 5 years or so the premiership there have been far far worse, guys signed for millions that didnt even play or just didnt so the business, Veron would spring to mind, great player but fergie didnt play him in the correct position, Harry Kewell to Liverpool is one i would add as well with the wages

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It's difficult to pick out my favourite old firm transfer....


With Prodan, I don't think that many would argue that had he been fit he'd have been an asset to Rangers.... For me Tore Andre Flo was more embarrassing... the guy was as 'bout effective as Erik Bo Andersson!


Purely for the fact he was utterly, utterly mingin' and cost Celtic

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