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New Scotland Kit

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i hope its decent because id like to update my scotland shirt as my most recent one is




sayin that, anyone seen the new wales one? theyve changed from kappa to champion. They guy who designed it is a massive liverpool fan so has based the new wales kit on the liverpool one that they won the champions league in...but its not great at all. Missing something, not sure what. I love the Wakes one thats just gone and i feel sorry for the people that bought it because it was only worn once. Bloody kappa eh?

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Guest LondonScottish
Bit concerned if the colours Red,White and Blue are anything to go by from your post Rossafc92. :dontknow:



What's wrong with red, white and blue?


What colour's our Lion Rampant?


I'd rather we just went back to the red and white socks.

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Nothing just thought it was all mixed and didn't like that idea! :dontknow:



I have to say i really like this top and will be purchasing it this wk. :(


Make a change for you to buy one for yourself. :P


Not as bad as I thought it was going to be from the teaser released by SFA earlier in the month. Will wait to see it close up before deciding if I will but one.

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