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Qos Skipper On Ssn

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37 years old, never played in Europe, and highly unlikely to ever again, so gets asked if he's excited about what is arguably the highlight of his career?


"Aye well, we've got to remember that the league is our bread and butter."


FFS Min! This is not only the high point of your career (Cup final accepted), but you're about to finish your playing days, and all you can think to do is trot out cliched pish like 'the league is our priority' & 'this is a distraction from the the serious busness of the league' stylee comments. You're playing Scottish first division for Queen of the frigging South man, not La Liga for Barca for christ sakes. This is why you're a footballer, so you can play in bigger and bigger games, not look forward to the next time you tramp down to the delights of Greenock on a miserable Wednesday night in January on league duty!


I bet when he knew he was being interviewed, he thought, "now Jim, don't go getting all excited about this game and looking like an amatuer, what is it top professionals do again? Oh aye, 'the league is our priority', right let's go...."



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